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hmm... just some quick doodlies for serah/sara/sarah. hehe. umm... yeh theyren ot so good, but the good one got stuffed up while i was drawing. (ask goldie sarah, she knows my pain).

but yeh... here they are, i hope u liek them, depite theyre scrappyness.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

^^; .
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ohohohohohoho omg I LOVE the second one <3 ahhhh that's so cute
Ooh, adore! Yes, especially the second one. *hugs scarfs* So cute! ^_^

May I friend? <3
oooh thank u! and sure! i mite not frend straight away lol, im on borrowed time on a frends comp right nbow, but when my comp gets back :)
Aw I just LOVE these... the cute SCARVES omg!!!
hahahah, thanks :D
Hehehe, so adorable! Love that second one, with the scarves and the cute! lol, and I can totally see Pansy and Hermione celebrating like that. ^.~ Awesome, love, thank ya!!
np! im glad u like it :)
so cute! i might just melt...