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Happy Birthday!!!!

Title: Breathe
By: Jemz
Rated:R/NC-17 (because all i seem to write is smut)
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Spoilers: AU. A bit of OOC-ness.

I had this drabble done last nite but was completely way too sick to post it up until now. But I hope you like it. Thanks to the wonderful goldie for the awesome beta job.

My eyes skim down your body. There you are, laid out and quietly brimming with desire. I lean down and whisper softly into your ear.

“I’m going to tell you exactly what I want to do.” I lick the shell of your ear before continuing. “I am going to slowly explore every inch of you, starting with your ear, before moving down to your neck. I want to nuzzle and caress that hollow in your neck. I slowly place a trail of kisses down to your nipples, where I will lave them with my hot, wet tongue. I will worship them until they harden and stand out, begging to be sucked deep into my mouth. I’ll gently nibble them until I had my head is spinning with the taste of you. I’ll make my way down to your stomach. Oh, that stomach. It makes me hard just thinking about rubbing myself against your beautiful abs, as if I’m washing myself with the scent of you.

“As I rub myself against them, I’ll find that soft trail that teases me, taunting me to go down lower to find a sweet treat waiting for me. I follow that path, the idea and scent of what is waiting for me beckons me closer. When I reach the end of the trail, I’ll see you eagerly waiting for my arrival. I’ll trace the tip with a gentle finger. I want to see you lengthen and harden even more as I slowly outline your cock with butterfly touches. You’ll strain up to gain more pressure from my touches but I’ll deny you. I’ll pull back each time you thrust your hips upwards, straining silently for me. My desire, evident on my face, pushes me to face your cock, lightly breathing on it and explore it with my eyes only. I glance up to see your beautiful green eyes watching every motion I make with hot desire shining intensely into me. With a wicked smile, I’ll lean down to nuzzle you with my nose and lips, only to pull back and breathe hotly onto you. I’ll smile with delight as your cock moves towards me, silently begging to be touched.

“But I won’t touch you any further. I’ll speak slowly to and around your cock, letting my breath ignite each and every nerve, making you scream and hoarsely beg me to touch you, to do anything but continue the heat and torture. I’ll ignore your pleas I will repeat each and every single word that I’m whispering into your ear, only onto your cock so that you can feel how much I want you. How I want your beautiful cock inside me. How much I want to ride on top of you until we come long, hard, and together. I want you to feel my breath around you until your cock twitches towards my mouth, seeking the source of heat for its torment.

“Then, and only then, will I relent and start lapping at your cock as if it is my favorite flavor of ice cream. Long, slow licks. Hard, fast sucks. And that’s only the tip of your cock. When I hear you moan senselessly and then scream out my name, only then will I take you deep into my mouth, furthering the burning heat that surrounded the tip of you until it reaches the very base. Only when I feel that you are ready for me, will I start to bob my head up and down, tasting you, eating you, making you mine and mine alone.

“I’ll wait until you’re close to the edge of delicious delirium before pulling back. Then I’m going to straddle you, backwards, my ass to your face. I’m going to prepare myself in front of you, spreading my thighs wide and leaning forward, occasionally indulging myself with little laps of your cock, and rubbing my own. With some scented lubricant on my fingers, I’ll spread my ass wide and begin to rub against my entrance. I’ll tease you while teasing myself with small forays past that tight ring of muscle. As I hiss with pleasure, I harden even more with the knowledge that your eyes are watching every single move, that your tongue is licking your lips in want and need to taste my entrance, that your hands want to reach out and grab hips, to pull down onto your mouth and eat your fill of me. Too bad that your hands will be tied together above your head with your red and gold tie.

“I’ll start to thrust my ass back against my probing fingers, slowly widening myself so that I can slip your heated cock inside of me, sliding into the perfect, hot heat and feeling completely surrounded by perfection. I want to hear you whimper and moan with greedy need before I spin around to straddle your slick cock and sink slowly down. I want to feel the sweet perfection of you sliding inside me to rest against the part that always makes me scream your name every time your cock touches it. Then I will take control and ride you however I feel like. Slow, hard, grinding in circles, or barely moving, I will be the one to decide and all you need to do is to leave yourself wide open to the sheer force of desire and feeling that will rip through your body as I grind my wicked way on top of you, bringing us to that blessed completion.

“And when we’re done coming down from our euphoric high, I want to do that all over again. Just to hear my name on your lips.

I pull back and stare deeply in his intense emerald eyes. His face is flushed with need and wanton desire.

“Draco.” He breathes, “If you don’t do what you just said right now, I’m gonna die.”

I smirk at him and began to put my words into action.

Happy birthday, my dear!
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